Summer Shipping Break

Our shop is on a summer shipping break through August 21st, as we take a chance to soak up the goodness of summer with our family.  So what does that mean for you all?

USPS Priority Mail shipping is on us for all domestic orders during placed during our shipping break (August 11-21).  All U.S. orders will ship out, via USPS Priority Mail, on August 22.

And for our international friends, you'll save $8.00 off of your usual shipping costs during the summer shipping break too.  A little something for everyone.

There's no promo code necessary (the shipping costs are zeroed out for our US customers and discounted for our international customers at checkout).

Hope you and yours are enjoying the summer too!  Oh, and stay tuned...we're also working on a complete re-stock of our windmill-printed thermal long johns as well as some new long john styles for the fall :)

With gratitude,

Sarah & JP (Co-Founders)

Denver Starlight Market - Spring Recap

There's nothing better than connecting with mamas, papas, and little ones in real life. We held our 2nd Starlight Market, this time in celebration of spring and right before Mother's Day. With tasty treats, cocktails, mini photo sessions, flowers, and of course small business shopping, it was a festive and fun day for all.

Big thanks to all who came out, and especially to our friends:

Venue: Suzy Holman of the Denver Photo Collective

Vendor Booths: Hazel Village, Chasing Windmills, Izzy & Ferd, Give Lovely, Wunderkin, Remy & Rose Soap, Lil Bellies, Lana's Shop, and Premastyle

Treats: Cookies, brownies, cupcakes baked with organic mixes by Foodstirs and pasture-raised eggs and butter by Vital Farms

On site portrait station photographer: Alexandria Ramon (who took the last photo in this post of my kiddos!)

Sharing One of Nature's Little Secrets

“Look Mama and Daddy, the flowers close up at night and then open when the sun warms them up.”

Standing in the backyard with our little girl, we were looking at the tulips in our garden—a telltale sign of spring’s arrival.  That’s when she very matter-of-factly told us about how the tulips close at night and open during the day.

I had never before noticed how our tulips follow the transition from day to night.  I felt like my little girl let me in on one of nature’s secrets.

I asked her, “How’d you know that?”  She said that she just watches the flowers.  When she leaves the house for preschool in the morning, they are closed.  And when she returns home, the flowers are open.

So I looked it up.  Scientists call this process “nastic movements,” as flowers respond to various stimuli, such as sunlight.

Like most kids, our little girl didn’t need a textbook on flora and fauna to understand how flowers react to their environments.  She just relied upon her keen powers of observation.

And it got me thinking.  What else am I missing all around me?  What other phenomenon do I observe everyday without ever really noticing?

Our children—yours, mine, all of ours—have a special gift for observing the world.  They look at nature with discerning and open eyes.  They notice the little details, Mama Nature’s little secrets, like tulips opening and closing as day fades into night.

Now, when I leave the house in the morning, I look at our tulips—still closed from the night’s cold.  I smile, knowing that they will soon open their blossoms with the morning sun.  And I smile with gratitude, being able to soak in and see the world through our children's eyes.