Spreading Opportunity Through Needle and Thread


When you think of Chasing Windmills, we hope you’re inspired.

We hope you think of mountainous New Zealand and Australian meadows where merino sheep freely roam.  We hope you and your little one appreciate the super soft, ethically and sustainably sourced ZQ Merino fiber that serves as the soulful base of our kid's wear.

Although our story starts with merino sheep, it doesn’t end there.  Someone has to transform our rolls of merino fabric into beautifully simple and timeless garments.  And so, we hope you also think of our new manufacturing partner in North Carolina: Opportunity Threads, a worker-owned factory and proud member of the Carolina Textile District.

We turned to Opportunity Threads to manufacturer our new at-play collection, not only because of their tremendous skill and attention to detail, but because we also love their vision.  They are part of a concerted effort to revitalize the once-booming textiles industry in the Carolinas.  They believe in their workers, so much so that after a vetting process, their workers have the opportunity to become owners in Opportunity Threads — quite literally spreading opportunity through needle and thread.  

We’re grateful that our new at-play collection is made in the USA in a factory where success is shared among its employee-owners.  We’re grateful to share this part of our story with you.