why merino wool?

Because no other fabric feels as soft, wicks away moisture, helps regulate body temperature, resists odor, and embodies an adventurous spirit quite like merino wool.  It's the perfect natural fabric for you and your little one.

The Story of our Merino Wool

It's Soft:

Merino wool is really soft. Super soft. Really super soft.

It's a Gift from Mother Nature:

Merino wool is a natural renewable fiber. Rest assured, your child is living harmoniously with, not off, the environment. Our ZQ Merino comes from happy sheep roaming freely in mountainous New Zealand and Australian meadows.  

We choose to source merino wool exclusively from ZQ Merino because their ranchers take pride in the care of the sheep, the ranch land, and way of life. Importantly, ZQ Merino meets strict animal welfare, environmental, and economic sustainability standards. Our merino wool fabric supplier is also Bluesign systems partner, further demonstrating an ecological commitment from farm to fabric.

So Just where does merino wool come from?

It comes from ranchers like Philip Rive, manager of the Cecil Peak merino ranch outside of Queenstown, New Zealand.  Merino wool's field-to-garment story is a labor of love and takes dedicated ranchers, like Philip Rive, to bring the vision to life.

 Merino sheep roam the mountainous meadows of Cecil Peak, New Zealand.

Merino sheep roam the mountainous meadows of Cecil Peak, New Zealand.

It's Smart:

Imagine a fabric that helps regulate body temperature, keeping your child warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Imagine a fabric that resists odor from, say, spit-up milk. Imagine a fabric that wicks away moisture.

Stop imagining. It's merino wool, and it's all natural.

Moisture Management

Merino wool naturally attracts and absorbs moisture away from the body, ensuring that your child remains dry and comfortable. Who doesn't love that? And, merino wool can hold one third of its weight in water before it even feels wet. In turn, merino wool naturally releases that moisture. The end result is clothing that dries quickly, breathes exceptionally well, and maintains its temperature-regulating properties in varied conditions.

Temperature Regulator

If you were to look at merino wool fibers under a microscope, you would see slight crimping in the fiber. This crimping traps tiny pockets of air, insulating the wearer against warm and cold temperature swings. Children work hard to maintain a consistent body temperature. Merino wool helps.

Odor Control

Merino wool naturally resists odor, keeping your baby smelling as sweet as, well, a baby. As a naturally anti-microbial fabric, merino is a healthy choice for children.

Safety First

Merino wool does not hold a flame, does not melt like some synthetic fibers exposed to high heat, and is self-extinguishing.

Easy Care

No need for expensive dry cleaning or fancy laundering. Just machine wash cold using mild detergent and lay flat to dry or tumble dry low.

A journey awaits. Let us explore, dream, and discover together.