It’s All About the Activity, not the Thing

The best toys focus a child’s attention on the activity, not the thing.  

This subtle insight comes from Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting — a book that we sometimes find ourselves re-reading as we strive to simplify our own lives and re-focus our family’s collective attention on what is true, beautiful, and good (while stripping away all the excess noise).

As we think about it, our kids’ favorite toys really do focus their attention more on the activity and less on the actual toy itself. We cherish the toys that entertain our kids for long uninterrupted stretches; the toys that make us parents grateful; the toys that add value, not clutter, to our lives.

Take bikes, for instance. Our kids have always loved bike riding — from their first few tentative steps on their balance bikes to their confident riding on their pedal bikes. We explore the neighborhood, cruise down our neighbor’s gently inclined driveway over and over, and bike to the park and farmer’s market.  

Their bikes become the vehicle — quite literally — through which our kids explore. They are focused on pumping their little legs (“Mommy, do you think I’m as fast as the speed of light?”) and enjoying the thrill and freedom of being on two wheels.

As makers of merino wool children’s wear, we identify with the maxim that a well-made product focuses attention on the activity, not the thing. For this reason, we design clothing that lets you and your child focus on life’s important activities. 

Our merino long johns are the coziest softest pajamas while also being a temperature-regulating base layer for winter’s outdoor fun. Designed for cozy sleeping and active play, our long johns allow kids to go from activity to activity without missing a beat.

In our estimation, the best clothes focus a child’s attention on the activity, not the thing. Here’s to celebrating that which is true, beautiful and good in your family’s life.